Easter Weekend – Open Friday and Saturday
Closed Easter Sunday
Until further notice, we will be open for to go orders only. There will be no dining on the property. During this strange time, we will be closing at 8pm on Friday and Saturday night.

(Menus and prices are subject to change)


LUNCH (11am – 4pm)

Hamburger 6.50
Cheeseburger 6.75
(Bandera Grassland Beef for burgers)
Catfish basket 6.50
Sausage wrap 2.75
French Fries 1.50
Cabrito burger 10.00
New Zealand Red Deer burger 10.00

DINNER (5pm – 9pm)

Appetizer – fig, olive and almond beef empanada

Entrees – served with baked potato and choice of salad or sauteed green beans

Special – pasta with a lemon red bell pepper sauce with grilled chicken and a salad 16.95
Chicken breast with balsamic glaze 13.95
Pork tenderloin with mustard cream 17.95
Salmon with orange aioli 17.95
Lamb chops with cilantro yogurt 25.95
Ancho chili honey basted quail 18.95
(Diamond H Quail – raised without hormones and antibiotics)
12 oz. ribeye steak 19.95
Fried catfish – Regular 11.95, Large 13.95

Shrimp on Friday night – Scallops on Saturday night
for these entrees:

Fried shrimp or scallops (12) 17.95
Combo Wombo – 6 shrimp or scallops & 4 catfish 17.95
Add 6 shrimp or scallops to any entree 6.95

Add a quail to any entree 6.95

FRY-FECTA – 1 lamb chop, 1 quail and 1 filet, chicken fried with bacon jalapeno gravy 24.95 (Third Saturday of each month only)

Dessert (served only at dinner)
Pineapple and banana tres leches cake 5.00


BREAKFAST (10am -11:30am)

Lemon blueberry pancakes with bacon or breakfast sausage and fruit 8.50
Sweet potato and pecan waffle with bacon or breakfast sausage and fruit 8.50
Eggs Benedict with hash browns and fruit 11.95
Asparagus gruyere omelet with bacon or breakfast sausage, hash browns and fruit 9.00

LUNCH (12pm – 2pm)

Catfish Basket 6.50
Hamburger 6.50
Cheeseburger 6.75
Cabrito burger 10.00
New Zealand Red Deer burger 10.00